WUKO Master 0420


WUKO Master 0420

Roof panel machine for making the profile for single and double-lock standing seams (seam height 25 mm / 1″)

Made in Austria

No Secrets, Nothing to Hide!

WUKO Master 0420
  • Machine frame made of modular aluminium profile system
  • Upper machine cover: Swing doors, easy to open, with safety switch, frame elements made of transparent, impact‐resistant polycarbonate
    • clear view during profiling process
    • easy access for adjustment and service
  • Mobile, two fixed and two swivel castors with brakes
  • 120 V or 230 V motor with frequency converter for continuously variable working speed: 0–12 m/min / 0–40 ft/min - huge advantage for rounding the panels and for one-sided profiling
  • Forward and backward run
  • Model 0420 and model 0420S (with longitudinal cutting facility) available
WUKO Master 0420 Control Panel
WUKO Master 0420 8th Roller Station
WUKO Master 0420 Meter Counter


  • Fabrication of the profile for the single or double-lock standing seam
    seam height 25 mm / 1″
  • Working width between 290 and 810 mm / 11.5″ and 32″ continuously adjustable by hand wheel over two spindles
    ⇒ panel width about 210–730 mm / 8.3–28.7″
  • Inlet guides easily and precisely adjustable (measure correction on the profile)
  • Clean profile, poor in tension, made by eight hardened roll forming stations
  • 8th forming station for aligning the panels and for curving the panels – convex or concave – smallest radius about 6 m / 20′
  • Cut‐proof, extremely resilient polyurethane coated drive rollers
  • Electromechanic preset counter – safely placed within the frame
  • Also for profiling short (min. length about 500 mm / 20″) or tapered panels

Technical Data

Property Value
Max. sheet metal thickness: galvanized steel 0,7 mm (24 ga)
Max. sheet metal thickness: aluminium, copper, zinc 0,8 mm (20 ga)
Max. sheet metal thickness: stainless steel 0,5 mm (26 ga)
Motor 120 V or 230 V
Length 154 cm (60.6 in) (with guides)
Width 131 cm (51.6 in) (with handles)
Height 105 cm (41.3 in)
Weight 380 kg (840 lbs)

Product variations

Item no. Description
1006345 Master 0420, 230 V
1006352 Master 0420S, 230 V
with longitudinal cutting facility
1005800 Master 0420, 120 V
1005818 Master 0420S, 120 V
with longitudinal cutting facility
Example 1

WUKO Master and WUKO Sprinter in use at the Construction Site of the Museum of Lower Austria in St. Pölten by the Austrian Company Mössler Dach.

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