WUKO Bender Set 2050/4040


WUKO Bender Set 2050/4040

Make a hem (also on small radii) in two steps.

Made in Austria

Prepared for any Job with the WUKO Bender Sets

WUKO Bender Set 2050/4040
WUKO Mini Bender 2050
WUKO Disc-O-Bender Twist 4040

Get this kit for any (European) detail work!

  • WUKO Mini Bender 2050 for Bending/Forming up to 90°: Best results for small inner and outer radii!
  • WUKO Disc‐O‐Bender 4040 Twist, starts at 90° and bends up to 180°: No free space required at the side for setting the tool on and off!

Technical data

Property Value
Weight incl. case 2,73 kg (6 lbs)

Product variations

Item no. Description
1006196 Bender Set 2050/4040 with cm scale
1005628 Bender Set 2050/4040 with inch scale


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