WUKO Roof Profiling Machine 1008


WUKO Roof Profiling Machine 1008

Handy power tool for making the profile for single and double-lock standing seams on bent panels.

Made in Austria

The Smallest Profiling Machine on the Market!

WUKO 1008
  • Adjustable for different edging heights (min. profile height 25 mm/1″)
  • Profiles straight from start of strips - can also be used for small roof surfaces as well as slanting, angular and off-set elements
  • Also for separate profiling of both sides of the panel
  • Even allows for profiling on narrow surfaces: minimum distance from seam centre to seam centre (bay width) about 80 mm/3.2″
  • Standard tool for round roof surfaces (domed roofs) up to a min. radius of 2 m/79″
  • Smaller radius (min. 0.8 m/32″) by using a round rail
  • To be used in the workshop and at site
WUKO 1008
WUKO 1008
WUKO Roof Profiling Machine 1008

Technical data

Name Value
Maximum sheet metal thickness galvanized steel 0.75 mm/0.029″
Maximum sheet metal thickness aluminium, copper, zinc 0.8 mm/0.031″
Power rating 500 W
Voltage 120 V
Weight 7.6 kg/16.7 lbs.

Product variations

Name Item number  
WUKO Roof Profiling Machine 1008 1005768  120 V

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