WUKO Bender Set 3352/4000


WUKO Bender Set 3352/4000

This couple enables quick, easy and clean bending/forming of long, straight sheet metal strips. Start off with 0-90° and continue to 180°.

Made in Austria

The Best Choice for the Site - let’s WUKO!

WUKO Bender Set 3352/4000

Set consists of:

  • Duo Bender 3352
  • Disc-O-Bender 4000
  • Carrying case
WUKO Duo Bender 3352
WUKO Disc-O-Bender 4000
  • WUKO Duo Bender 3352 for bending to 90°: Your go-to Bender for straight panels, the uber long shafts allow you a bending height of up to 14".
  • WUKO Disc‐O‐Bender 4040 Twist, starts at 90° and bends up to 180°: No free space required at the side for setting the tool on and off!

Technical data

Property Value
Weight incl. case 18.8 lbs

Product variations

Item number Name
1005701 Bender Set 3352/4000 with inch scale

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